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Tokyo Head Office

Coastline Shinagawa Bldg. 2F, 1-19-5 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
140-0001, JAPAN

The office is 8 minutes on foot from Konan exit (East exit) of Shinagawa Station (JR/Keikyu).
or 6 minutes on foot from Kita-shinagawa Station (Keikyu).

Detailed route from JR Shinagawa Station

Going out of the ticket gate, please head towards Konan exit (East exit). There is a flat long aisle. Please be careful not to go down to the Takanawa port on the other side (there are stairs and elevator soon).
You can see Atre / Isetan by passing the passage to Konan Exit. The ticket gate of the Tokaido Shinkansen is around here. Please proceed further.
Now you've reached Konan Exit. Please do not go down the front escalator/stairs and go forward "right".
On the right ahead, you can see the skyscraper group "Intercity". Please proceed along that street.
Please head towards Intercity.
When reaching the entrance of Intercity, please do not enter the door, but devote to the side street on the right.
Please pass through the door and move right. There is a long aisle.
Please go straight through this aisle.
Please go into the door at the end and get out right.
Go down the stairs and go along the building along the slope further down.
When the slope is over, cross the pedestrian crossing on your right and turn left.
Please turn right at the next block. "Kiraku" is a landmark.
Go straight for 2 blocks. On the way, there is a Chinese restaurant "Eikakuro" on the left side.
Please cross the pedestrian crossing. Of the two buildings in front of you, the left side is the "Coastline Shinagawa Building".
Please enter from the front door.
Please push the call button after "201" at the interphone. Our staff will respond and open the inner door by remote operation.
Please elevate to the second floor.

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