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Scheduling System Integration

FLEXSCHE Installation Procedure

The procedure from installation of FLEXSCHE to launching the system obviously differs depending on individual conditions, but generally follows the flow indicated below.

1.Confirmation of Functions via the Evaluation Version

Please obtain the free evaluation version and confirm that the functions of FLEXSCHE meet your objectives. The evaluation version of FLEXSCHE places constraints on the maximum amount of data that can be handled, but basically enables all of the functions to be tested. Please take this opportunity to compare it to the production schedulers of other companies. Be certain that you can really accomplish everything that should be able to be accomplished with the software of the other firms. There is no guarantee that just because the function name matches the system you need or the list of functions contains function names that sound familiar that it will allow you to do what you need to do. The opposite is actually true in many cases. It is critical to actually evaluate and verify the tool. When you are not confident that FLEXSCHE can be applied, please contact your system integrator, or FLEXSCHE Corporation (info@flexsche.com). The flexibility of FLEXSCHE should be able to meet most demands.

2.Participation in FLEXSCHE GP Mailing Lists

We would assure you the thorough support about the way to use FLEXSCHE and to set data through mailing lists. We would answer any question.


This analyzes the factory and process that is the subject of the scheduling and prepares partial data and rules. The evaluation version contains FLEXSCHE Editor and so it is possible to prepare the data quickly, schedule it and verify the results. When the restrictions on the data volume of the evaluation version become a hindrance, please consider using the FLEXSCHE rental service (additional fee). When needed, a system integrator will assist you.

4.Installation Operation

The installation operations begin after selecting the system. Many tasks must be accomplished including data preparation, peripheral development and establishing scheduling rules. The installation operations are conducted through an appropriate division of the operations among the end user, system integrator, and the FLEXSCHE Corporation. A standard ordinary-sized scheduling system can generally be installed in about 2-4 months, but this differs depending on individual circumstances. If needed, the functionality of FLEXSCHE can be freely expanded through programming. Since FLEXSCHE has an open development environment, it is possible for anyone to develop add-ins and other function expansion modules depending on their skills.

5.Preparation and Conversion of Master Data

The final step involved in installing the scheduler is the preparation of the master data. FLEXSCHE Editor or Excel is used to prepare data from scratch but there are also cases where a dedicated input support system is developed. Furthermore, the common method is to develop a conversion (import) program when the senior system already has basic data.

6.Test Operation

Prior to starting operations, a verification of whether the prepared data, scheduling rules and management methods are appropriate is conducted in parallel with ongoing operations. Corrections are made when problems are found in the planned precision, management format and such.

7.Start of Actual Operation

FLEXSCHE is the focus of operation plan drafts. The operation draft cycle should be carefully observed for a while after actual operation has started.

8.Improving Operation

The data settings and scheduling rules are refined as FLEXSCHE is operated on a daily basis. It is also possible to use programming to expand functions when necessary. Although you can ask a system integrator or the FLEXSCHE Corporation for assistance, you may also have the necessary skills to perform programming.

Support System

FLEXSCHE GP Mailing List
There is a free mailing list to receive questions on how to use FLEXSCHE GP. Staffs in FLEXSCHE Corporation would answer quickly. Anybody can join the mailing list. Please apply from the FLEXSCHE Web page.
Open Day
We would open the FLEXSCHE office in Tokyo once a month, and answer any question or consultation by all the staffs. Scheduled date is announced on the Web page or by the mailing list. Anybody can participate for free of charge.
Annual Maintenance$
We would frequently update the latest version and the defect rectified version of theproducts. By paying annual maintenance fees, these products will be provided. A spare key is also provided in case the protect key breaks down physically. Furthermore, continuation of annual maintenance is mandatory for the future optional product to be added and upgraded.
Onerous training course for mastering how to use FLEXSCHE is held at the FLEXSCHE office. This course consists of two days of lectures and practices and one more day of a practice for those who want.
Onerous Support
Other support about the specific operation or system integration will be estimated separately. So please contact us.

$Three months after the purchase of FLEXSCHE is a period of free maintenance. Please apply for annual maintenance if you want it to continue after three months.

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Operation Cycle

The following is the common flow of the FLEXSCHE operational cycle. Another important role of the production scheduler is to create and maintain a smooth information flow as the center of the production system.

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Connection with other systems

I/O data of FLEXSCHE is formed as a completely open CSV format (text file splitted by comma) and is not dependant on any specific database, so it easily achieves connection with the external system.

XML interface is standardly equipped, which provides smooth connection with existing systems

[Compliant System]
Production-Sales-Cost Management Package [MCFrame] (Toyo Business Engineering Corporation)
Please contact us for details.

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