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FLEXSCHE Communicator

The sharing and application of the scheduler system and information by multiple users in real time to realize a true scheduling system is what FLEXSCHE Communicator, a revolutionary server product, is all about. Greater benefits are gained with the production scheduler by having not just the scheduling operator use it, but in cooperation with and linked to various individuals involved in the production.

Sharing the Schedule among Multiple Scheduling Operators

A system is provided where multiple scheduling operators can safely share a single project. While a single scheduling operator has the rights to the scheduling and data editing, the other planners can only view the schedule and cannot change it. It is also possible to verify who presently has the rights, and to send him a message.

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Simultaneous Data Editing by Multiple Clients

This provides an environment in which multiple users can simultaneously edit data for a single project on the server. Each planner's FLEXSCHE Editor is connected to the FLEXSCHE Communicator and they can change the data in parts. For instance, when a person begins editing the process flow modeling of a completed item, others cannot edit it until the former person returns the edit rights, but they can edit the process flow modeling of other completed products.

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Simultaneous Operation Adjustment by Multiple Clients

This provides an environment in which multiple users simultaneously adjust a single project operation on the server. Each of the FLEXSCHE clients are connected to the FLEXSCHE Communicator and adjust the allocated status of the operation they have been entrusted with. For example, when a person starts to move a certain operation, others cannot move that operation until all operations are completed, but can move separate, unrelated operations.

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Exchanging Messages and Sending/Receiving Data

A dynamic operating environment in which messages are exchanged through connected Web browsers among multiple clients is provided. This serves as the foundation for such operations as building a system in which scheduling results immediately prepared based on a tentative order are returned in real time to provide a due time response. Messages sent from clients can be processed by other clients connected to not only the server, but also the FLEXSCHE Communicator. In the event these cannot be processed immediately, "asynchronous processing" where processing is temporarily suspended is also possible. This is further usable as a real-time interface for exchanging data with external systems.

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Server Scheduling

FLEXSCHE Communicator with GP comes equipped with the FLEXSCHE GP's scheduling engine, and advanced scheduling can be done automatically. The finished schedule can also be immediately shared with everyone. The execution of scheduling after connecting FLEXSCHE GP to FLEXSCHE Communicator with GP provides the option of processing the information on the server or to run it on your own machine after obtaining rights.

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Viewer Data Distribution Function

Automatically pushes the latest schedules to the connected FLEXSCHE Viewers, and operation results that have been inputted from the Viewer are incorporated.

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Development Environment for Building Scheduling System

FLEXSCHE Communicator is also used as a platform for building a scheduling system that depends on dynamic data exchanges. Therefore, it is possible to efficiently develop applications that match the respective operations.

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