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FLEXSCHE Corporation has been exclusively developing production schedulers since being founded in 2001.

The circumstances surrounding the manufacturing industry have undergone tremendous change in recent years including a shift to production of many products in small lots, the demand for quick responses to due time requests and frequent changes in production planning. Production schedulers are widely recognized for their value as indispensable systems in realizing these requirements, and the demand for schedulers has become great. In line with this, many software packages have been developed.
Of course, grouped as the" manufacturing industry" makes it seem simple but the industry itself is quite broad and diverse in scope and the functions demanded of a production scheduler differ by industry type, factory and process. Companies must carefully consider whether the functions of a software package alone are sufficient to realize what they truly want to accomplish. In this regard, flexibility is one key point. Flexibility is also essential for continual improvement of the system after installation of the product.
The ability to continually use the scheduler is vital for the scheduling operator's day-to-day operation and this makes serviceability an essential factor to consider when choosing a scheduler and is something that is not evident from the brochure alone. Systems that are not handy are gradually phased out.

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Our production scheduler, FLEXSCHE GP, has both high flexibility and usability.

With the FLEXSCHE GP, you can freely define elaborate scheduling rules by process or by order that can be adapted to your industry type, factory or process circumstances in accordance with the desired application. Furthermore, the outstanding data-modeling ability boosts the flexibility for various applications.
Another characteristic is that through programming it is possible to freely build a system that surpasses the limitations and framework of the standard functions. This is a significant advantage of FLEXSCHE that is not found in other schedulers. The fact that it is not a black box provides a feeling of security for the future.
Of course, FLEXSCHE is by no means more difficult to use than other non-flexible schedulers. Data and rules for ordinary scheduling can be set easily. The true power and objective of" flexibility" is to be able to handle unique scheduling tasks and manage special demands by establishing elaborate settings. The great strength of a flexible production scheduler is that it has unlimited potential to deal with special, complex circumstances when they arise, both for now and the future.
Another major feature of FLEXSCHE GP is the usability and intuitiveness of the user interface. Use in combination with the product option FLEXSCHE Editor also makes the preparation of data easy, which has been a obstacle for schedulers.

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Systems only have value when they do what they are supposed to do.

Useless systems have no value. Please choose a production scheduler by discerning whether or not it can fulfill the requirements of your factory, not by its apparent price or name recognition.
The name FLEXSCHE comes from a combination of "flexible" and "scheduler." Our company, FLEXSCHE Corporation, is committed to pursuing the rich, deep technology of production scheduling and will continue to develop production schedulers that are truly" usable."

To actually confirm the potential power of FLEXSCHE, which is highly compatible with two apparently conflicting characteristics: flexibility and usability, please request the information materials including evaluation version of FLEXSCHE.

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