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Information for Developers

Expansion through Programming

FLEXSCHE GP was developed based on the production scheduling platform FLEXSCHE Components. FLEXSCHE Components provides a wealth of various functions required by production schedulers. Since low levels of complex processing are capsulized, developers can focus on high-level design and mounting. The interface is also completely open, making it possible for a third party to develop its own production scheduler.
Therefore, FLEXSCHE GP can be expanded in an unlimited and efficient manner.

Ensemble module

This is a module mounted with functions that characterize the production scheduler including input/output data, scheduling and user interface expansion. Development is conducted using these FLEXSCHE Components. FLEXSCHE GP is mounted with these functions in a module known as GP Ensemble.

EDK (Ensemble Development Kit)

This is a class library and development support environment (additional fee) for efficiently developing the ensemble module. The source code for the GP ensemble module is open (partially not open). This means that the scheduling logic and data source interface can be freely customized. Microsoft Visual C++ is required for development.


This is a module that complements the ensemble module. For instance, it makes it possible to add your own user interface, to access each object of FLEXSCHE Components within the interface and display their status, and to change the assignment of operations among other things. The optional products FLEXSCHE GUI Plus and FLEXSCHE Editor are also add-ins. Development can be done with any language that is compliant with the COM interface including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Jscript, C# and other .NET compliant languages (uses the COM interoperability function).

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Development Support System

Mailing List for Developers (free of charge)

Exchange of opinions among developers and Q&A about the development surrounding FLEXSCHE and the like are actively sent. Questions are to be answerd as quickly as possible by our staff.

Developers Training Course (onerous)

This is a training course to master the way to develop add-ins and ensemble modules using FLEXSCHE Components.

Development Deputize (onerous)

It is possible that our company acts for ensemble development and add-in development. Costs will be estimated separately.

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