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FLEXSCHE - production scheduler and production planning > Products > FLEXSCHE Editor


The master data of the production scheduler ‒ in particular, the definitions of processes ‒ are complex and were an enormous barrier to system installation. The load of data creation and preparation, however, can be reduced and the efficiency can be enormously heightened by incorporating FLEXSCHE Editor into FLEXSCHE GP.
FLEXSCHE Editor can be used by incorporating into FLEXSCHE GP, or it can be run stand-alone.

Process Editor

Process Editor

The process network structure can be easily created and edited using the mouse. Settings regarding links between processes, and association with input/output items or usable resources can be performed quickly.

Operation Editor

Operation Editor

This establishes the operation network structure, performs settings regarding links between operations, and associates usable resources. This is used when processes are individually defined in relation to the order. It is very effective, particularly when used to manage make-to-order production.

Template Function

This can efficiently create new process graphs and operation graphs based on pre-registered template modeling of process flows. It demonstrates its potential when creating data for factories with a variety of subtle variations to their manufacturing patterns, and for make-to-order production such as mold manufacturing where process definitions are needed for each individual order. It is also possible to automatically create templates from existing data.

Data Editing Window

Data Editing Window

This displays and edits data related to scheduling. It is possible to easily and reliably create data using the function for error detection and hint functions.

Target limiting and Sequence control

By defining some conditional expressions in advance, this enables quick switch of display target rows and display sequences.


This defines several "views" which narrows down rows and columns to display, and can view and edit them. Editing on the view is promptly reflected on the original table window.

Key Separation

Specs., Numeric Specs., Flag and Comment can be efficiently edited and viewed by defining them as independent fields.

Synchronous Editing by Multiple Users

The connection of multiple FLEXSCHE Editors to FLEXSCHE Communicator with Core/GP enables multiple users to simultaneously edit different process graphs.

Skill Editor

Skill Editor

Skill values can be input from a matrix screen on which the vertical axis defines resources and the horizontal axis skill types. The operating time can be calculated based on these values. In addition, the resource will be regarded as unusable if a skill is not input.

Bill of Material Editor (BOM Editor)

BOM Editor

This is comprised of two tables: one is for editing the hierarchical structure of BOM, and the other is for editing the process graph of the BOM. BOM and the process graph can be easily edited mainly by the input from keyboard.

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