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Product Configurations and Prices

Representative Products


FLEXSCHE GP is a software package that completes the production scheduler. It runs on Windows OS.

Data is normally saved in CSV format (partly XML format).

It has a data maintenance tool that runs on Microsoft Excel and CSV-formatted data can be prepared in the table format.


It is an optional software which achieves a graphical data editing environment. By incorporating FLEXSCHE Editor into FLEXSCHE GP, it becomes possible to quickly and reliably create all the data necessary for scheduling.

FLEXSCHE Editor may also be run on a standalone basis without being incorporated into FLEXSCHE GP.


It is an optional software which extends the display functionality. By incorporating FLEXSCHE GUI Extension into FLEXSCHE GP, it can have convenient added functions and greater operability.


FLEXSCHE d-MPS is an optional software to keep demand and supply balance. This is for the industry type that has to start manufacturing before the demand is determined.

Licenses of FLEXSCHE GP and FLEXSCHE Editor are required to use FLEXSCHE d-MPS.

FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options

FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options are the extension functions which strengthen the powerful scheduling functionality of FLEXSCHE GP. Various functions are available. Each function has the the number of units required. It can be assigned freely within the restricted range of units under license. Often after the production scheduling system is integrated, details of essential functions become apparent. This provides a machanism that enables such situations to be flexibly handled.

There will probably be cases where a detailed mapping of data models and scheduling rules reveals a problem that cannot be resolved with the standard functions of FLEXSCHE GP. Although you can customize (by programming) FLEXSCHE by taking advantage of its flexibility, it would be beneficial to first confirm the respective functions of the FLEXSCHE GP advanced options. Please also consult with Distributor if the functions you want do not currently exist. We may be able to provide it at a low cost if it is a requirement that is very common, and if we can commercialize it with the idea of making it an advanced options.


This is an optional software to connect FLEXSCHE GP with external database and CSV files. If the customers already have database in a core system and want to connect that information with FLEXSCHE, FLEXSCHE EDIF makes easier the data connection between the database and FLEXSCHE.


It is on optional software for visually reviewing scheduling results. There is no need to purchase an additional FLEXSCHE GP just to display FLEXSCHE GP scheduling results on a separate PC using a Gantt chart. All you need to do is to install an inexpensive FLEXSCHE Viewer on each PC and to read the data from the file and Web servers.

Packaged Products

FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Pack

If you are uncertain of the product configurations to install initially, we would recommend FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Pack. This is a packaged product in which FLEXSCHE GP, FLEXSCHE GUI Extension, FLEXSCHE Editor, FLEXSCHE EDIF, FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options Max3, and FLEXSCHE GP Training Course are packed toghther. This will enable you to prepare for general installation. FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options Max3 which is included in FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Pack makes it possible to freely integrate each function of Advanced Options within the range of 3 units. This is really valuable, for example, at an initial stage when essential functions are not determined.

Server Products

FLEXSCHE Communicator

This is a server product which provides an environment where multiple users can simultaneously edit data for a single project on FLEXSCHE GP. By connecting FLEXSCHE Communicator with FLEXSCHE GP/ FLEXSCHE Viewer, ever advanced scheduling system can be constructed as real-time data exchange and schedule distribution, automatic scheduling, operations of multiple user in charge, and so on.


Each product of FLEXSCHE requires 1 license to work on 1 PC.

In a normalsingle license,FLEXSCHE can be activated only on the PC where license key is inserted.

If you need to simultaneously use multiple FLEXSCHE GP and FLEXSCHE Viewer units within a single site, please consider a network license compliant function and terminal service compliant function. The number of units that can be simultaneously activated depends on the number of licenses purchased, but there is no limit on the number of terminals that can use this.

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Product Prices and Operating Environment

Prices (single-runtime license)

FLEXSCHE GP(*1) 3.2 million JPY
FLEXSCHE GUI Extension 800 thousand JPY
FLEXSCHE Editor 400 thousand JPY
FLEXSCHE EDIF 600 thousand JPY
FLEXSCHE Analyzer 600 thousand JPY
FLEXSCHE d-MPS(*2) 2 million JPY
Advanced Options
Max 1
(Maximum of 1 Unit)
200 thousand JPY
Max 3
(Maximum of 3 Units)
400 thousand JPY
Max 5
(Maximum of 5 Units)
600 thousand JPY
Max 7
(Maximum of 7 Units)
800 thousand JPY
Max 10
(Maximum of 10 Units)
1 million JPY
(Infinite Units)
1.6 million JPY
FLEXSCHE Viewer 300 thousand JPY
Large Data Option(*3) 1.6 million JPY
Network license compliant function 300 thousand JPY
Terminal service compliant function 300 thousand JPY
Products Suite
FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Pack 4.8 million JPY
(Total sum of 5.6 million JPY equivalent)
Set Products:
FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options Max3
FLEXSCHE GP Training for 2 persons
FLEXSCHE GP Complete Pack 6 million JPY
(Total sum of 7.6 million JPY equivalent)
Set Products:
FLEXSCHE GP Advanced Options Infinite
FLEXSCHE GP Training for 4 persons

(*1)FLEXSCHE GP restricts data volume to 250 thousand operations.
(*2)The price is 1.6 million JPY when purchased with Products Suite.
(*3)By adding Large data option to FLEXSCHE GP, data restriction noted in (*1) will be removed.

Note: Please contact us about volume discount.
Note: Consumption tax is not included in prices above.

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FLEXSCHE Operating Environment

OS Microsoft Windows 10/10 x64/8/8 x64/7/7 x64/
Vista/Vista x64/Server 2016/Server 2012 R2/
Server 2012/Server 2008 R2
However, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or the newer must be installed.
CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Family or better
Memory 1GB or more(2GB or more is recommended)(*1)
Remaining disk capacity 500MB or more
Monitor resolution 1024*768 or better (2k or better and multi-monitor is recommended)
Compatible languages Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Korean(*2)
Other Need USB port (for license key) and Microsoft Excel (only when using the attached data maintenance tool)

Operating Environment of FLEXSCHE Communicator

OS Microsoft Windows Server 2016/Server 2012 R2/Server 2012/Server 2008 R2
CPU Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Family or better
Memory 4GB or more is recommended (*1)
Remaining disk capacity 200MB or more
Compatible languages Japanese(*2)
Other Need USB port (for license key)

(*1) Actual conditions differ depending on the data that are managed and run. 2 or 3GB is the ceiling of memory spaces on 32 bit OS because of the OS restrictions.
(*2) The languages supported by FLEXSCHE will be added gradually, so please inquire.

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