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Developer's Particularities

FLEXSCHE products started with FLEXSCHE Components, which were developed as "a platform for building a production scheduling system." This was a software package developed as an additional scheduling solution to resolve the dilemma of software packages that only incorporated standard functions not being able to meet the diverse demands of the manufacturing industry, but also with the knowledge that there were too many technical and economic barriers to making completely customized solutions.
Traditional production scheduling software packages have the advantage of being equipped with a wealth of functions and offering installation at a comparatively low cost, but in over seventeen years of experience in developing production schedulers, we realized that the existing software package approach of simply adding standard functions and expanding the applicable range is questionable. It was clear that it was impossible to really resolve the concerns facing all the production sites. FLEXSCHE Components was introduced into the market to resolve this issue, and was well received by the market. In particular, the system integrators and manufacturing scheduling operators, with experience installing and operating existing production schedulers, identified with and highly praised this concept and solution.
FLEXSCHE Components did achieve the objectives of building a high-level production scheduling system at a far less cost and know-how than custom-made products. However, the weak point of FLEXSCHE Components was that it was based on the premise of always having professional integration. The threshold was still somewhat high for end users themselves to install the product.
Consequently, we decided to develop a general-purpose software package based on FLEXSCHE Components. This new software had to be a complete software package on a general-use level that was loaded with the diverse production scheduling know-how and technologies we had accumulated, and had to allow for a greater extent of flexible arrangement and modeling within the range of standard functions than existing schedulers. FLEXSCHE GP is the result.
In the development of FLEXSCHE GP, the main condition was that it had to be a succession while having and exceeding the characteristics of FLEXSCHE Components that truly differentiated it from other schedulers. This characteristic is that "programming will handle any special requirement." This condition was met.
The existence and indispensability of "special requirements" is not always apparent when deciding to install the software. Many times, the fact that there are special requirements is not recognized until after investing a significant amount of money. But choosing FLEXSCHE GP, which definitely provides security in managing special requirements when they occur, greatly lowers the risks and concerns when building a new system.

It is comparatively easy to resolve each issue when it occurs. However, that is not desirable from the perspective of system growth. Such an approach will eventually lead to a patch-work system and become bloated. Consequently, we are always striving to find the common denominators lying at the bottom of these issues and then incorporate them as very primitive and abstract models and functions.
When we encounter another problem later, we have repeatedly found that it is possible to resolve these by combining the accumulated primitive models and functions, even when it is a new problem that we have not encountered before. In other words, we are confident that what gives FLEXSCHE products flexibility is that they are richly equipped with this flexible" vocabulary" (not equal to functions).
After resolving one problem, we receive ever difficult requests. Repeating this process refines FLEXSCHE products and enables them to grow. There is a profound depth to production scheduling technologies, and these provide us with continual challenges. However, our motivation as engineers is also stimulated by overcoming these challenges.
Since our company is small, it is impossible for us to install FLEXSCHE products in many factories on our own. However, we face our daily tasks with the desire to strongly support the manufacturing industry around the world through partnerships with solution providers around the world. FLEXSCHE GP and other FLEXSCHE products will continue to grow to meet your ever increasing expectations.

FLEXSCHE Corporation President & Chief Executive Officer
Mikio Urano

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